hoarse; dry; hot

(snorting), the name of two persons in the family of Abraham. + His grandfather; the son of Serug and father of Terah. (Genesis 11:22-25) (B.C. 2174.) + Grandson of the preceding son of Terah and brother of Abraham and Haran. (Genesis 11:26,27) (B.C. 2000.) The order of the ages of the family of Terah is […]

-1. Grandfather of Abraham Ge 11:22-26; 1Ch 1:26 .In the lineage of Christ Lu 3:34 -2. Brother of Abraham Ge 11:26; Jos 24:2 .Marriage and descendants of Ge 11:27,29; 22:20-24; 24:15,24

Snorting. (1.) The father of Terah, who was the father of Abraham (Gen. 11:22-25; Luke 3:34). (2.) A son of Terah, and elder brother of Abraham (Gen. 11:26, 27; Josh. 24:2, R.V.). He married Milcah, the daughter of his brother Haran, and remained in the land of his nativity on the east of the river […]