separated; crowned; sanctified

(the guarded one) the ordinary residence of our Saviour, is not mentioned in the Old Testament, but occurs first in (Matthew 2:23) It derives its celebrity from its connection with the history of Christ, and in that respect has a hold on the imagination and feelings of men which it shares only with Jerusalem and […]

-A village in Galilee -Joseph and Mary live at Mt 2:23; Lu 1:26,27,56; 2:4,39,51 -Jesus from Mt 21:11; Mr 1:24; 10:47; Lu 4:34; 18:37; 24:19 -People of, reject Jesus Lu 4:16-30 -Its reputation Joh 1:46

Separated, generally supposed to be the Greek form of the Hebrew netser, a “shoot” or “sprout.” Some, however, think that the name of the city must be connected with the name of the hill behind it, from which one of the finest prospects in Palestine is obtained, and accordingly they derive it from the Hebrew […]