(chief whom Nebo favors), the Rab-tabbachim i.e. chief of the slaughterers (Authorized Version “captain of the guard”), a high officer in the court of Nebuchadnezzar. On the capture of Jerusalem he was left by Nebuchadnezzar in charge of the city. Comp. (Jeremiah 39:11) He seems to have quitted Judea when he took down the chief […]

(NEBUZAR-ADAN) -Captain of the guard of King Nebuchadnezzar -Commands the Assyrian army which besieged Jerusalem and carried the inhabitants to Babylon 2Ki 25:8-21; Jer 39:9,10; 43:6; 52:12-30 -Protects Jeremiah Jer 39:11-14; 40:1-5

“the captain of the guard,” in rank next to the king, who appears prominent in directing affairs at the capture of Jerusalem (2 Kings 25:8-20; Jer. 39:11; 40:2-5). He showed kindness toward Jeremiah, as commanded by Nebuchadnezzar (40:1). Five years after this he again came to Jerusalem and carried captive seven hundred and forty-five more […]