sheaf of corn

(pupil of Jehovah). + Originally “captain of the host” to Elah, was afterward himself king of Israel, and founder of the third dynasty. (B.C. 926.) Omri was engaged in the siege of Gibbethon situated in the tribe of Dan, which had been occupied by the Philistines. As soon as the army heard of Elah’s death […]

-1. King of Israel .Was commander of the army of Israel, and was proclaimed king by the army upon news of the assassination of King Elah 1Ki 16:16 .Defeats his rival, Tibni, and establishes himself 1Ki 16:17-22 .Surrendered cities to king of Syria 1Ki 20:34 .Wicked reign and death of 1Ki 16:23-28 .Denounced by Micah […]

Servant of Jehovah. When Elah was murdered by Zimri at Tirzah (1 Kings 16:15-27), Omri, his captain, was made king (B.C. 931). For four years there was continued opposition to his reign, Tibni, another claimant to the throne, leading the opposing party; but at the close of that period all his rivals were defeated, and […]