he that opens; that is at liberty

(open-eyed), son of Remaliah, originally a captain of Pekaiah king of Israel, murdered his master seized the throne, and became the 18th sovereign of the northern kingdom, B.C. 757-740. Under his predecessors Israel had been much weakened through the payment of enormous tribute to the Assyrians (see especially) (2 Kings 15:20) and by internal wars […]

-Son of Remaliah -Captain of the army of Israel 2Ki 15:25 -Conspires against and assassinates King Pekahiah 2Ki 15:25 -Is made king of Israel 2Ki 15:27 -Victorious in war with Judah 2Ch 28:5,6 -Is plotted against and killed by Hoshea 2Ki 15:30,31 -Prophecies against Isa 7:1-16; 8:4-10

Open-eyed, the son of Remaliah a captain in the army of Pekahiah, king of Israel, whom he slew, with the aid of a band of Gileadites, and succeeded (B.C. 758) on the throne (2 Kings 15:25). Seventeen years after this he entered into an alliance with Rezin, king of Syria, and took part with him […]