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(swift), the second of the “two rivers of Damascus”–Abana and Pharpar–alluded to by Naaman. (2 Kings 5:18) The two principal streams in the district of Damascus are the Barada and the Awaj, the former being the Abana and the latter the Pharpur. The Awaj rises on the southeast slopes of Hermon, and flows into the […]

-(A river of Damascus) -Referred to by Naaman 2Ki 5:12

Swift, one of the rivers of Damascus (2 Kings 5:12). It has been identified with the `Awaj, “a small lively river.” The whole of the district watered by the `Awaj is called the Wady el-`Ajam, i.e., “the valley of the Persians”, so called for some unknown reason. This river empties itself into the lake or […]