same as Philip, in the plural, warlike; lovers of horses

(named from Philip of Macedonia), a city of Macedonia about nine miles from the sea, to the northwest of the island of Thasos which is twelve miles distant from its port Neapolis, the modern Kavalla . It is situated in a plain between the ranges of Pangaeus and Haemus. The Philippi which St. Paul visited […]

-(A city of Macedonia) -Paul preaches in Ac 16:12-40; 20:1-6; 1Th 2:2 -Contributes to the maintenance of Paul Php 4:10-18 -Paul sends Epaphroditus to Php 2:25 -Paul writes a letter to the Christians of Php 1:1

(1.) Formerly Crenides, “the fountain,” the capital of the province of Macedonia. It stood near the head of the Sea, about 8 miles north-west of Kavalla. It is now a ruined village, called Philibedjik. Philip of Macedonia fortified the old Thracian town of Crenides, and called it after his own name Philippi (B.C. 359-336). In […]