fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased

(ensnarer), daughter of Bethuel, (Genesis 22:23) and sister of Laban, married to Isaac. She is first presented to us in (Genesis 24:1) … where the beautiful story of her marriage is related. (B.C. 1857.) For nineteen years she was childless: then Esau and Jacob were born, the younger being the mother’s companion and favorite. (Genesis […]

(REBECCA) -The daughter of Bethuel, the grandniece of Abraham Ge 22:20-23 -Becomes Isaac’ s wife Ge 24:15-67; 25:20 -Mother of Esau and Jacob Ge 25:21-28 -Passes as Isaac’ s sister Ge 26:6-11 -Displeased with Esau’ s wives Ge 26:34,35 -Prompts Jacob to deceive Isaac Ge 27:5-29 -Sends Jacob to Laban, her brother Ge 27:42-46 -Burial […]

A noose, the daughter of Bethuel, and the wife of Isaac (Gen. 22:23; 24:67). The circumstances under which Abraham’s “steward” found her at the “city of Nahor,” in Padan-aram, are narrated in Gen. 24-27. “She can hardly be regarded as an amiable woman. When we first see her she is ready to leave her father’s […]