good-will; messenger

(firm). + King of Damascus. He attacked Jotham during the latter part of his reign, (2 Kings 15:37) but his chief war was with Ahaz, whose territories he invaded, in conjunction with Pekah about B.C. 741. Though unsuccessful is his siege of Jerusalem, (2 Kings 16:5; Isaiah 7:1) he “recovered Elath to Syria.” (2 Kings […]

-1. A king of Syria who harassed the southern kingdom (Judah) 2Ki 15:37; 16:5-9 .Prophecy against Isa 7:1-9; 8:4-8; 9:11 -2. A returned Babylonian captive Ezr 2:48; Ne 7:50

Firm; a prince, a king of Syria, who joined Pekah (q.v.) in an invasion of the kingdom of Judah (2 Kings 15:37; 16:5-9; Isa. 7:1-8). Ahaz induced Tiglath-pileser III. to attack Damascus, and this caused Rezin to withdraw for the purpose of defending his own kingdom. Damascus was taken, and Rezin was slain in battle […]