captivity; conversion; old age


-A people who invaded the land of Uz Job 1:15; Isa 43:3 -Giants among Isa 45:14 -Prophecies concerning Isa 43:3; Joe 3:8 -Proverbial drunkards Eze 23:42 -See [3440]SHEBA

Descendants of Seba (Gen. 10:7); Africans (Isa. 43:3). They were “men of stature,” and engaged in merchandise (Isa. 45:14). Their conversion to the Lord was predicted (Ps. 72:10). This word, in Ezek. 23:42, should be read, as in the margin of the Authorized Version, and in the Revised Version, “drunkards.” Another tribe, apparently given to […]