demanded; lent; ditch; death

(desired), more accurately Shaul. + One of the early kings of Edom, and successor of Samlah. (Genesis 36:37,38; 1 Chronicles 1:48) (B.C. after 1450.) + The first king of Israel, the son of Kish, and of the tribe of Benjamin. (B.C, 1095-1055.) His character is in part illustrated by the fierce, wayward, fitful nature of […]

-1. Also called SHAUL .King of Edom Ge 36:37,38; 1Ch 1:48,49 -2. King of Israel .A Benjamite, son of Kish 1Sa 9:1,2 .Sons of 1Ch 8:33 .His personal appearance 1Sa 9:2; 10:23 .Made king of Israel 1Sa 9; 10; 11:12-15; Ho 13:11 .Lives at Gibeah of Saul 1Sa 14:2; 15:34; Isa 10:29 .Defeats the Philistines […]

Asked for. (1.) A king of Edom (Gen. 36:37, 38); called Shaul in 1 Chr. 1:48. (2.) The son of Kish (probably his only son, and a child of prayer, “asked for”), of the tribe of Benjamin, the first king of the Jewish nation. The singular providential circumstances connected with his election as king are […]