his plain; his song

(a plain), a district of the holy land occasionally referred to in the Bible. (1 Chronicles 5:16; Isaiah 33:9) In (Acts 9:35) called [1082]Saron. The name has on each occurrence with one exception only, (1 Chronicles 5:16) the definite article; it would therefore appear that “the Sharon” was some well-defined region familiar to the Israelites. […]

-1. The maritime slope of Palestine north of the city of Joppa .David’ s herds in 1Ch 27:29 .Roses and beauty of So 2:1; Isa 33:9; 35:2; 65:10 .Called SARON Ac 9:35 -2. A place that has not been ascertained 1Ch 5:16

A plain, a level tract extending from the Mediterranean to the hill country to the west of Jerusalem, about 30 miles long and from 8 to 15 miles broad, celebrated for its beauty and fertility (1 Chr. 27:29; Isa. 33:9; 35:2; 65:10). The “rose of Sharon” is celebrated (Cant. 2:1). It is called Lasharon (the […]