wall; ox; that beholds

(a wall), a place just without the eastern border of Egypt. Shur is first mentioned in the narrative of Haggar’s flight from Sarah. (Genesis 16:7) Abraham afterward “dwelled between Kadesh and Shur, and sojourned in Gerar.” (Genesis 20:1) It is also called Ethami. The wilderness of Shur was entered in the Israelites after they had […]

-A wilderness southwest of Palestine Ge 16:7; 20:1; 25:18; Ex 15:22; 1Sa 15:7; 27:8

An enclosure; a wall, a part, probably, of the Arabian desert, on the north-eastern border of Egypt, giving its name to a wilderness extending from Egypt toward Philistia (Gen. 16:7; 20:1; 25:18; Ex. 15:22). The name was probably given to it from the wall (or shur) which the Egyptians built to defend their frontier on […]