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(warrior) king of the Amorites when Israel arrived on the borders of the promised land. (Numbers 21:21) (B.C. 1451.) Shortly before the time of Israel’s arrival he had dispossessed the Moabites of a splendid territory, driving them south of the natural bulwark of the Amen. Ibid. (Numbers 21:26-29) When the Israelite host appeared, he did […]

-(King of the Amorites) -His seat of government at Heshbon Nu 21:26 -The proverbial chant celebrating the victory of Sihon over the Moabites Nu 21:26-30 -Conquest of his kingdom by the Israelites Nu 21:21-25; De 2:24-37; 3:2,6,8

Striking down. The whole country on the east of Jordan, from the Arnon to the Jabbok, was possessed by the Amorites, whose king, Sihon, refused to permit the Israelites to pass through his territory, and put his army in array against them. The Israelites went forth against him to battle, and gained a complete victory. […]