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(contracted form of Silvanus, woody), an eminent member of the early Christian Church, described under that name in the Acts but as Silvanus in St. Paul’s epistles. He first appears as one of the leaders of the church at Jerusalem (Acts 15:22) holding the office of an inspired teacher. (Acts 15:32) His name, derived from […]

-(The short form of the name) .Also called SILVANUS (the long form of the name) .Sent to Paul, in Antioch (of Syria), from Jerusalem Ac 15:22-34 -Becomes Paul’ s companion Ac 15:40,41; 2Co 1:19; 1Th 1:1; 2Th 1:1 -Imprisoned with Paul in Philippi Ac 16:19-40 -Driven, with Paul, from Thessalonica Ac 17:4-10 -Left by Paul […]

Wood, a prominent member of the church at Jerusalem; also called Silvanus. He and Judas, surnamed Barsabas, were chosen by the church there to accompany Paul and Barnabas on their return to Antioch from the council of the apostles and elders (Acts 15:22), as bearers of the decree adopted by the council. He assisted Paul […]