a bush; enmity

(thorny). Nearly in the centre of the peninsula which stretches between the horns of the Red Sea lies a wedge of granite, grunstein and porphyry rocks rising to between 8000 and 9000 feet above the sea. Its shape resembles st scalene triangle. These mountains may be divided into two great masses-that of Jebel Serbal (8759 […]

-1. A mountain in the peninsula east of the Red Sea .Also called SINA-HORA .The people of Israel arrive at, in their wanderings in the wilderness Ex 16:1; 19:2; De 1:2 .The law delivered to Moses upon Ex 19:3-25; 20; 24:12-18; 32:15,16; 34:2-4; Le 7:38; 25:1; 26:46; 27:34; Nu 3:1; De 4:15; 5:26; 29:1; 33:2; […]

Of Sin (the moon god), called also Horeb, the name of the mountain district which was reached by the Hebrews in the third month after the Exodus. Here they remained encamped for about a whole year. Their journey from the Red Sea to this encampment, including all the windings of the route, was about 150 […]