same as Stephanas, crown; crowned

the first Christian martyr, was the chief of the seven (commonly called Deacons) appointed to rectify the complaints in the early Church of Jerusalem, made by the Hellenistic against the hebrew Christians. His Greek name indicates his own Hellenistic origin. His importance is stamped on the narrative by a reiteration of emphatic, almost superlative, phrases: […]

-(A Christian martyr) -Appointed one of the committee of seven to oversee the daily ministration Ac 6:3,5,6 -Faith and power of Ac 6:5,8-10 -False charges against Ac 6:11-15 -Defense of Ac 7 -Stoned Ac 7:54-60; 8:1; 22:20 -Burial of Ac 8:2 -Gentle and forgiving spirit of Ac 7:59,60

One of the seven deacons, who became a preacher of the gospel. He was the first Christian martyr. His personal character and history are recorded in Acts 6. “He fell asleep” with a prayer for his persecutors on his lips (7:60). Devout men carried him to his grave (8:2). It was at the feet of […]