is the term used throughout our version for the Hebrew Aram, as well as for the Greek Zupia . Most probably Syria is for Tsyria, the country about Tsur or Tyre which was the first of the Syrian towns known to the Greeks. It is difficult to fix the limits of Syria. The limits of […]

-(The highlands lying between the Euphrates River and the Mediterranean Sea) -Called ARAM, from the son of Shem Ge 10:22,23; Nu 23:7; 1Ch 1:17; 2:23 -During the time of Abraham it seems to have embraced the region between the Tigris River and the Euphrates River Ge 24:10; with 25:20 -Including Padan-aram Ge 25:20; 28:5 -Minor […]

(Heb. Aram), the name in the Old Testament given to the whole country which lay to the north-east of Phoenicia, extending to beyond the Euphrates and the Tigris. Mesopotamia is called (Gen. 24:10; Deut. 23:4) Aram-naharain (=Syria of the two rivers), also Padan-aram (Gen. 25:20). Other portions of Syria were also known by separate names, […]