palm; palm-tree

(palm tree). + The wife successively of the two sons of Judah, Er and Onan. (Genesis 38:8-30) (B.C. about 1718.) Her importance in the sacred narrative depends on the great anxiety to keep up the lineage of Judah. It seemed as if the family were on the point of extinction. Er and Onan had successively […]

-1. Wife of the sons of Judah Ge 38:6-24; Ru 4:12; 1Ch 2:4 .Called THAMAR Mt 1:3 -2. Daughter of David 2Sa 13:1-32; 1Ch 3:9 -3. Daughter of Absalom 2Sa 14:27 -4. A city of unknown location Eze 47:19; 48:28

Palm. (1.) A place mentioned by Ezekiel (47:19; 48:28), on the southeastern border of Palestine. Some suppose this was “Tadmor” (q.v.). (2.) The daughter-in-law of Judah, to whose eldest son, Er, she was married (Gen. 38:6). After her husband’s death, she was married to Onan, his brother (8), and on his death, Judah promised to […]