winged; feathered

the chief town of Cilicia, “no mean city” in other respects, but illustrious to all time as the birthplace and early residence of the apostle Paul. (Acts 9:11; 21:39; 22:3) Even in the flourishing period of Greek history it was a city of some considerable consequence. In the civil wars of Rome it took Caesar’s […]

-(The capitol of Cilicia in Asia Minor) -Paul’ s birthplace Ac 9:11; 21:39; 22:3 -Paul sent to, from Jerusalem, to avoid assassination Ac 9:30 -Paul brought from, by Barnabas Ac 11:25,26

The chief city of Cilicia. It was distinguished for its wealth and for its schools of learning, in which it rivalled, nay, excelled even Athens and Alexandria, and hence was spoken of as “no mean city.” It was the native place of the Apostle Paul (Acts 21:39). It stood on the banks of the river […]