victory against the Thessalians

The original name of this city was Therma; and that part of the Macedonian shore on which it was situated retained through the Roman period the designation of the Thermaic Gulf. Cassander the son of Antipater rebuilt and enlarged Therma, and named it after his wife Thessalonica, the sister of Alexander the Great. The name […]

-(A city of the Macedonia area) -Paul visits Ac 17:1; Php 4:16 -People of, persecute Paul Ac 17:5-8,11,13 -Men of, accompany Paul Ac 20:4; 27:2 -Paul writes to Christians in 1Th 1:1; 2Th 1:1 -Demas goes to 2Ti 4:10

A large and populous city on the Thermaic bay. It was the capital of one of the four Roman districts of Macedonia, and was ruled by a praetor. It was named after Thessalonica, the wife of Cassander, who built the city. She was so called by her father, Philip, because he first heard of her […]