(Heb. toph). In old English tabor was used for any drum. Tabouret and tambourine are diminutives of tabor, and denote the instrument now known as the tambourine. Tabret is a contraction of tabouret. The Hebrew toph is undoubtedly the instrument described by travellers as the duff or diff of the Arabs. It was played principally […]

-(Also called TABRET, an instrument of music (in the tambourine category)) -Used by Miriam Ex 15:20 -By Jephthah’ s daughter Jud 11:34 -Used in religious services 2Sa 6:5; 1Ch 13:8; Ps 68:25; 81:2; 149:3; 150:4 -Used in dances Job 21:12 -See [4020]MUSIC, INSTRUMENTS OF

(Heb. toph), a small drum or tambourine; a tabret (q.v.). The antiquity of this musical instrument appears from the scriptural allusions to it (Gen. 31:27; Ex. 15:20; Judg. 11:34, etc.) (See [634]MUSIC.)