just; justified

(just). + Son of Ahitub and one of the two chief priests in the time of David, Abiathar being the other. Zadok was of the house of Eleazar the son of Aaron, (1 Chronicles 24:3) and eleventh in descent from Aaron. (1 Chronicles 12:28) He joined David at Hebron after Saul’s death, (1 Chronicles 12:28) […]

-1. The high priest during the time of David’ s reign 2Sa 19:11; 20:25; 1Ch 15:11; 16:39 .Removes the ark of the covenant from Jerusalem at the time of Absalom’ s usurpation; returns with the ark of the covenant at David’ s command 2Sa 15:24-36; 17:15,17-21 .Stands aloof from Adonijah at the time of his […]

Righteous. (1.) A son of Ahitub, of the line of Eleazer (2 Sam. 8:17; 1 Chr. 24:3), high priest in the time of David (2 Sam. 20:25) and Solomon (1 Kings 4:4). He is first mentioned as coming to take part with David at Hebron (1 Chr. 12:27, 28). He was probably on this account […]