same as Zarah, east; brightness

(rising (of the sun)). + A son of Reuel, son of Esau, (Genesis 36:13; 1 Chronicles 1:37) and one of the “dukes” or phylarchs of the Edomites. (Genesis 36:17) (B.C. after 1760.) + Less properly, Zarah, twin son, with his elder brother Pharez, of Judah and Tamar. (Genesis 38:30; 1 Chronicles 2:4; Matthew 1:3) (B.C. […]

-1. Son of Reuel Ge 36:13,17; 1Ch 1:37 -2. Father of Jobab Ge 36:33; 1Ch 1:44 -3. ZERAH .See [4359]ZARAH -4. Son of Simeon Nu 26:13; 1Ch 4:24 -5. A Gershonite 1Ch 6:21 -6. A Levite 1Ch 6:41 -7. King of Ethiopia 2Ch 14:9-15

Sunrise. (1.) An “Ethiopian,” probably Osorkon II., the successor of Shishak on the throne of Egypt. With an enormous army, the largest we read of in Scripture, he invaded the kingdom of Judah in the days of Asa (2 Chr. 14:9-15). He reached Zephathah, and there encountered the army of Asa. This is the only […]