a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion

(born at Babel, i.e. Babylon), the head of the tribe of Judah at the time of the return from the Babylonish captivity in the first year of Cyrus. The history of Zerabbabel in the Scriptures is as follows: In the first year of Cyrus he was living at Babylon, and was the recognized prince of […]

-Also called SHESHBAZZAR -Directs the rebuilding of the altar and temple after his return from captivity in Babylon Ezr 3:2-8; 4:2,3; 5:2,14-16; Hag 1:12-14 -Leads the Emancipated Jews back from Babylon Ezr 1:8-11; 2; Ne 12 -Appoints the Levites to inaugarate the rebuilding of the temple Ezr 3:2-8 -Prophecies relating to Hag 2:2; Zec 4:6-10 […]

The seed of Babylon, the son of Salathiel or Shealtiel (Hag. 1:1; Zorobabel, Matt. 1:12); called also the son of Pedaiah (1 Chr. 3:17-19), i.e., according to a frequent usage of the word “son;” the grandson or the nephew of Salathiel. He is also known by the Persian name of Sheshbazzar (Ezra 1:8, 11). In […]